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Relaxation at its best!
Result of doing squats and lunges everyday! Thank you @soniatlevfitness
"I got one less problem without you" and damn it feels good! Yesterdays lunch date outfit
Lunch date <3 Wonderful weather for it too! :D
Been working hard and seeing results feels so good! Not where i want to be yet but getting pretty close!
Push ups push ups push ups! 

Very important! 
Targets pectorals, deltoids, triceps, biceps, abdominals, obliques, quadriceps and erector spinae! 

Look and feel strong over time, keep dedicated and you can do it!  Burns calories slowly but they increase your metabolism!!! And ladies if you can’t do the normal push up all you have to do is get down onto your knees its as easy as that! Make sure your back is straight otherwise you will damage it! But most all have fun! Enjoy your workouts darlings <3
Good morning <3
Lazy mornings in bed, Sex and the City, Coffee, And Marie Claire magazine….what else could a girl want! <3
Stop saying I wish and start saying I will
View from the window seat in the plane on the way back to the UK!